The 31st of August it will be time for the Beulentocht. This is a 67km adventure around Schiphol. Last year I joined this event in a K2 and it was wonderfull with a cool plaque as a finish reward. You have 12 hours to finish and around the route enough places where you can have a break. Last year we decided we would try to make it more of a student party and already some kayakers of Levitas will join. Participation is free and we can camp there the night before for only 3 euros a night.

If you have any questions to hesitate to ask - Erwin

Note: For people joining I ask you to create a couple or group of people with the same speed. It will not be a guided tour of the Ringvaart as I really want to paddle my own pace. The water is however very accessible and safe. The route is not difficult either.